Creating a group of Cunucu fosters and adopters right here in New York City.

What makes the CUNUCU DOG RESCUE community unique?

  • We have a remarkable community of dog lovers here in New York City. At CDR, we aspire to bring Cunucus into this incredible network of people, who we know will treat these sweet pups like family and give them the love and care they deserve.

  • When you decide to foster or adopt with our organization, you will forever be part of the Cunucu Dog Rescue family. We pride ourselves on taking great care of our volunteer and adopter network, and strive to bring all parties together through our common goal of rescuing these dogs.

  • Tell us your thoughts! As part of our rescue family, we deeply value your insight and ideas and want to hear from our fosters and adopters about how we can make our processes even better. We will honor your feedback and take all contributions to heart.