Foster families are lifelines for our dogs. 

Since Cunucu Dog Rescue does not have a brick and mortar shelter, we depend heavily on our network of incredible foster families to care for our pups prior to adoption. We pride ourselves on taking great care of our foster community, offering each foster family extensive training, providing necessary supplies (e.g., crate, collar, leash, toys, etc.), and remaining available virtually 24/7 for any questions or concerns you might have. As a foster, you will have access to our expert medical team, should any medical-related inquiries arise. You will also be invited to participate in our Cunucu Friends Facebook group, which serves as an incredible resource.

Frequently asked Questions

  1. For how long will I need to foster? It’s virtually impossible to quantify how long someone will foster, since it is entirely contingent upon when your foster dog is adopted. Historically, puppies tend to go quickly and fostering a dog between 2-4 months of age typically ranges from 2-3 weeks.

  2. What supplies will I get? CDR provides each foster with a suitable crate, collar, leash, blanket, chew toy, and coat (if needed).

  3. What supplies will I have to buy? We ask that our fosters purchase food for their pups and cover any dog-walking fees.

  4. What happens if my dog has to go to the vet? If your foster dog needs medical attention, please reach out to CDR immediately. Someone from our team will schedule an appointment for you at our local vet and our rescue will cover all medical costs.

  5. Will my foster pup be able to go outside? Many of our pups are young and not fully immunized, which means they are considered “paws off the ground”. As such, they are not permitted on the city streets, since there is a high risk that they could contract something. During this period of time, foster pups remain inside and relieve themselves on pee pads.