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Jane moskowitz

A native New Yorker and impassioned animal lover, Jane is a 5th grade teacher by day and dog rescuer by night. Her drive stems from a deep desire to give a voice to the voiceless, and she believes that, together, we can truly make a difference for animals in need.  

Jane met her husband Jeremy at Duke University in 2012. They currently live in Manhattan, where they are working hard to rescue animals abroad.

jeremy moskowitz

Born and raised in Needham, Massachusetts, Jeremy brings his love for clam chowder and the Red Sox to The Big Apple. He has always been an animal lover, and became deeply involved in the work when he and Jane started bringing fosters into their NYC apartment. 

Jeremy has been traveling to Aruba for 30 years with his family and is deeply motivated to make an impact on an island to which he has such close ties.